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'Beautifully pitched ode to nostalgia & memory, theatrically staged round a slide show and superb song cycle. Funny, touching & ultimately life affirming. You leave with a tear in your eye, but a skip in your step!' 

- John Luther, Artistic Director, South Street Arts Centre, Reading


'Tom Adam’s new show Still Score explores how we relate to each other through found images, songs and comedy. It’s a funny, moving and surprisingly tender gem of a show.' 

- Claire Symonds, Studio Programmer/Producer, The Lowry, Salford


'A carousel of real and imagained stories is skilfully interwoven with episodes from Tom's own life to create a unique and spellbinding piece of theatre, directed with a sure and deft hand by Laura Mugridge. Tom is a gifted storyteller and musician and his affection for his material shines through.'

- Michelle Owoo, Associate Producer, Omnibus Clapham Theatre



'I remember being 5 years old and drinking a carton of Five Alive juice drink and saying to myself, 'I am 5 and I am alive'.                            

Now I am 33 and on the harder stuff...Um Bongo.'

In February 2013, Tom bought a slide projector and 500 slides from eBay. The slides were of people he did not know but he could not help asking, what is their story?

Performer and Composer Tom Adams performs a live soundtrack of music, comedy and stories to these images in a gentle exploration of mortality. He also searches through images of his own life, placing them side by side with the strangers, wondering if his memories will, one day, be just a slide sold on eBay.

Still Score is a one man show about life, death and some of the things in-between. Part live music gig, part theatre, part love letter.

Directed by Laura Mugridge - 'She is simply brilliant' - Metro


Performer and Composer