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my name is Tom Adams

I am a composer

I compose music
and make sounds in film,theatre and workshops

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My new show

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George is a 30 minute audio experience with songs. It is about about guide dogs and their relationship with their companions.

Who guides the guide dog?


Inspired by Tom’s memories as young boy, witnessing his Uncle who is blind and the amazing teamwork between man and dog, George tells the story of a guide dog on the brink of retirement.

Recorded live with an audience of two in the Stevenage living room of Siobhan Meade, who is registered blind, with her guide dog, Marty, curled up at her feet and filling Siobhan’s lounge with performers, musical instruments and harmonies, it uses songs and binaural recording to make you feel as if you are in the room.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the occasional snuffling of Marty and now and again the odd bit of snoring.

Download and listen to George in your own time.
We advise that the most appropriate way to hear George is on your best headphones, sitting in

your most comfortable chair at the golden time of dusk.

• Story by Tom Adams
• Co-composed by Tom Adams and Dan Scott
• Musicians - Tom Adams, Dan Scott, Claire Orme • Musical Consultant - Lillian Henley
• Extant Enhance Consultancy - Maria Oshodi
• Blind Awareness Mentor - Siobhan Meade
• Streaming Consultant - Shamira Turner

George is a Tom Adams Production
George is Pay What You Can Ticket Price, ranging from £0/£5/£10

Available from Camden People’s Theatre website for 30 Days from: Monday 23rd May - Tuesday 21st May

Relative Motion - "Poor Tom" - King Lear (Act II, Scene III) VR

Relative Motion - "Poor Tom" - King Lear (Act II, Scene III) VR

*experience this at the highest quality possible, with headphones on your phone or tablet (in "magic window" mode on YouTube app) or in a VR headset!* ​ Edgar is being pursued in a manhunt, framed by his half-brother, accused of planning to murder their father, the Earl of Gloucester. Edgar’s an innocent man. This is the moment in Shakespeare’s King Lear where Edgar decides to evade capture and inevitable execution by pretending to be mad and impoverished - he becomes Poor Tom. VR gives us an opportunity to place an audience member right in the middle of a story. We wanted to see what William Shakespeare could tell us about narrative performance in virtual reality. This is one of three short pieces exploring different relationships between a single audience member (SAM) at the centre of the action and the characters and drama of a scene around them. In this piece, Edgar invites us into his thoughts and feelings in soliloquy - the audience becomes his conscience. In other pieces we explore audience as voyeur and audience as character. We read an interesting article about the theatre industry in a time of lockdown – in the 17th century. Elizabethan London’s playhouses spent more time closed than open because of plague outbreaks in the city. It was during one of these enforced sabbaticals that Shakespeare was reputed to have written King Lear - in self-isolation. In April 2020, at a time when Relative Motion is unable to bring performers and creators together to make new narrative experiences in virtual reality, we decided to dust off some material we captured in 2018 and, with the help of composer Tom Adams, give it a new lease of life. It’s our small contribution to keeping culture alive during quarantine. Edgar: Tom Byrne Black Ops Commander: Gabby Wong Commando 1: Maanuv Thiara Commando 2: Jack Condon Music by Tom Adams Produced by Relative Motion Creative Director: Christopher Lane Technical Director: Andy Purves Production Director: Chloe Miller Smith Special thanks to Henry Stuart and Visualise, Max Peters at CentrE17, London Our Shakespeare VR work was supported by a Waltham Forest Catalyst Grant using funds from Arts Council England and was made with the help of Visualise. Our channel: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #VR #virtualreality #shakespeare
Benjmain Walden 2
Alexander Whitley 1

Film Music

Theatre Music

SunsetPush to Shove
00:00 / 01:30
Galway (Live)Still Score
00:00 / 03:00
The Trial Miracle Theatre
00:00 / 01:58
BearCarys Wright
00:00 / 06:14

Pictures of me

Nice things said about me

'It's impossible not to be charmed by him' -

Tom has played an instrumental role in bringing our new Virtual Reality pieces to life – his innovative and unique style has been invaluable in taking our work to the next level. Highly collaborative, excellent listener and holistic in his approach, Tom really invests in our projects and does whatever it takes to enhance our creative visions whilst staying true to his. 
Chris Lane – Creative Director, Relative Motion

Working with Tom was a complete creative pleasure. He is a fully formed wonderfully original multi-instrumentalist who is also terrific at listening and communicating very clearly with non-musicians like me. It felt like a true collaboration and a deceptively easy filmmaking journey together. Simply put, Tom elevated our film. I can’t wait to do it again.
Simon Ward - Director of The Difference Between Us

'A totally unique comedy experience'
TimeOut London

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