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Creative Writers 


As part of national sound and music project, 

An Essay A Day, you are invited to write  

an essay on any subject and any length you like.


It could be about

Ice Cream, 

Dogs vs Cats 

or even 

The Joys Of Daytime Television


Your work will then be narrated

by you or me, whatever you prefer, 

then given a personal musical 

backing track and hosted online as part 

of Ramsgate Festival of Sound

Send your essay to 

or contact me for more details

For ages 11+

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An Essay A Day is inspired by 273 handwritten essays I wrote in 2001, after dropping out of University.

To help with my state of mind, I wrote an essay a day.

It helped.


Some essays related directly to the question, others were more oblique.

All are real and written by me when I was twenty one.

A time when Pete Sampras was Wimbeldon champion.

When a can of coke cost 40p.

And the Internet.

Your essays will be included amongst my essays online

and will provide gentle solace and interest for those looking for

a bit of clarity on lots of different subjects.

Speak soon and thanks,


Black and Yellow Typographic Art & Desig
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