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Elephant and Castle

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Elephant and Castle was a collaboration between me and my wife, performer and composer Lillian Henley. In this Gig Theatre piece, we presented the stories and situation of sharing a bed with a parasomniac (someone who sleeptalks, sleepwalks or experiences other forms of sleep disorders). We did this with songs.

I sleeptalk, sleepwalk and grind my teeth in my sleep, which means I have to wear a mouthguard. Lovely.

Lillian has to put up with this and the show was her story of how she handles those moments.


From the very first time we shared a bed, when I sat up in bed upright and shouted "I want to take you to Elephant and Castle!" to chucking the duvet out of the window, Lillian has had to deal with it.

The show toured nationally in 2017-2018 to venues and festivals, with a three week run at Camden People's Theatre.

Here is a Guardian article about the show:

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