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alt text - Four people sat closely together in a lounge, playing musical instruments including guitar, drums, keyboard and a little harp. A guide dog is sat at their feet looking at the camera.

Photo by Christa Holka

Hello, welcome to George by Headphone Story.

As a serving suggestion, the best way to listen to George is: 


On your best headphones 

In your most comfortable chair

At the golden time of dusk.

See below for more information about the George creative team and other interesting bits and bobs.

Thank you,


Headphone Story

Creative Team

Tom Adams

Co-composer & musician

Tom Adams is a performer & composer who loves writing songs about animals. He also likes to take subjects from his own life and use this as inspiration for stories. His next project is a short audio experience called Nit Nurse about falling in love with the lady who came once a month to Tom's school to check for nits.


Siobhan Meade

Blind Awareness Mentor for George

Siobhan is also Digital Marketing Producer for Guide Dogs. Tom met Siobhan in April 2021 and this project has been made with her incredible guidance and support.

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 18.44.04.png

Dan Scott

Co-composer, musician and sound engineer

Dan Scott is a sound artist who specialises in listening and performance.

Dan & Tom met 5 years ago at a wonderful experimental sound night Dan runs called Athelstan Sound. Since then, then they have made 3 other projects together.


Claire Orme


Claire Orme is an artist, curator and musician

Claire is a brilliant multi-instrumentalist and a little known fact is that she was Tom's piano teacher for one year. She got him to Grade 3.


Lillian Henley

Musical Consultant for George

Lillian Henley is a composer and performer for film, TV and theatre. She is an Associate Artist with 1927 Theatre Company and has worked with Tom previously as co-composer on the their show about parasomnias, Elephant and Castle

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 17.45.14.png


Guide Dog to

Siobhan Meade

Marty was the most amazing host when Tom, Dan, Claire and Lillian were recording at Siobhan's house. He showed us his favourite toys and it was really nice to see him during his downtime. Tom was also so pleased to to see him at Kings Cross Station where he was working. He is such a good boy.

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