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The darkness

by Reece Etches

I can be in a room full of people yet feel so alone, so many noises of conversations some directed at me yet I just sit and stair, I want to run and hide away but that means telling people I have anxiety.  My friends will know, my teachers what will they think? , will I be bullied crying and being scared is seen as weak so I sit hear staring the feeling bubbling inside of me. I raise my hand and ask to leave the teacher says no and I become upset and angry and I just want to leave they don’t understand why I am feeling like this , I can’t get the words out to say , my eyes feel with tears and I want to leave the anger building up inside,  I want to run escape why will no one listen to me?. I hear them talking their nothing wrong with him it’s for attention,  he just can’t be bothered if only they knew these words hurt me , I wish i could take this feeling away but it is deep down inside of me , I may put on the front i am OK but it burns inside of me , so I sit hear staring at the people in front of me conversations going on yet their is a darkness inside of me.

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