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First Day JOYS

Where were you on 14th June 1645?

That was the day the Battle of Naseby took place. The deciding battle of the English Civil War.

Hey guys! Wow, today feels like the first actual day of the project. The project is Paneqyric.


  1. a public speech or published text in praise of someone or something.

Panegyric a joint collaboration with Dan Scott and me from a commission by Naseby 1645 and Arts & Heritage. In February 2021, Dan and I's project was selected. It is a participatory music and film piece working with Naseby and local community to create songs and sounds which will accompany a 15 minute film, directed by Paul Barritt (Animator - 1927). The film and soundtrack will be an installation at All Saints Church Naseby Since receiving this wonderful news, Dan and I have been building a network of groups to work with. They are Naseby Church of England Primary Academy, R10 Collective (Leicester based Synth Group) and Sealed Knot. We are also in talks with a couple of other groups but we are so excited to get started. Dan and I met today to discuss what we want the atmosphere of the whole piece to be. We also watched, as research the 1968 schlock horror classic, Witchfinder General. The film had a slight Emmanuelle which we don't think will end up in our project.

Very soon, we will be able to make the journey up from Margate to Naseby and get collecting sounds, songs, lyrics and film. We look forward to sharing all the news on this blog.

Here is me on the battleground, the view is from the Parliamentarian's side:

This is the view from the Royalist's side:

See you soon

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