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The Argument

Tom Adams and Lillian Henley

A Gig Theatre show inspired by a five minute argument between two people. Both sound like dicks.

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My Dad, the Magician 

Tom Adams

Using handmade magic tricks belonging to my Dad, I explore the reasons why our parents do the jobs they do

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The Lesser Sun

Tom Adams/Andrew Glester/

The Apollo 2

A comedy lecture about how humanity got to the moon, from geese to rockets and beyond

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The Essay Show

Tom Adams

Twenty years ago, I wrote 273 essays in an obsessive reaction to dropping out of University.


Elephant and Castle

Tom Adams and Lillian Henley

A Gig Theatre show using three years of personal ,recorded sleep talking and sleep walking.

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Tom Adams and Dan Scott

A micro music festival beside a thirty foot fishing boat, all inspired by the lost community of Greatham Creek

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Piano Concert

Tom Adams/Claire Orme/

The Margate Piano Players Society

An open concert for piano players of all ages and abilities to perform in front of an audience


Howl at the Moon

Tom Adams

A rocket fuelled display of music, comedy and street dance as astronaut Michael Collins goes solo


Absent Edwardian Dad

Tom Adams

An experimental, electronic

dance act about loss, grief and animals


The Apollo 11 Campervan

Tom Adams/Andrew Glester

A musical concert for ten people, onboard a VW T25 Campervan as it travels around the far side of the moon. 

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Tom Adams and Laura Mugridge

Five books.

Five shows.

Your choice.

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Still Score

Tom Adams

500 35mm slides found on eBay. A Gig Theatre show about life, death and everything in-between 

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