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A Lovely Day


by Marc Adams

We always sat at the bench near the river down at Coombe, because it was roughly the halfway point of our walk. Sometimes we would have a drink from a flask and sometimes we would just sit and watch the birds. If it was sunny we would go for a paddle. Today though, it was raining heavily.
We were okay in our waterproofs, and there was an overhang which gave us some protection, but when the man with the dog walked by I said “Lovely day” and looked up at the sky.
“Every day is a lovely day” he said, and he smiled and didn’t break his stride.
We carried on, following the river to Cowlands and up the hill past the farm and the Punchbowl Pub.
We saw a man in the doorway with a cigarette and his collar up.
“Lovely day” he said
And I smiled and said “every day is a lovely day”.

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