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The Collected Thoughts of Tom Adams (2001-2003)

In 2000, I dropped out of University. I had been having debilitating panic attacks, which made it hard to keep up with the academic side such as writing essays, so I decided to take a step back, move back to my parents and regroup. A year later and after chatting with my psychologist, I decided to write an essay a day on any subject I liked. Below are a selection of the 273 essays I wrote over 18 months.

This is a coming of age story in essays.

As it is coming up to the 20th anniversary of writing them, I will release them on each day they were written, twenty years on.

Essays 4.jpeg

Cats 3/9/01

The name 'cats' is going to be used broadly and include 'kittens' also.

A human is still a human, no matter what age.

At this moment of writing, I have two kittens sitting on me.

I have known them since they were one day old and they are now over three months old. 

Over this time I have seen them cross new boundaries into being a cat. They are nearing the crossover point where they are no longer kitten, but not yet cat.

I have seen their personalities start to show.

Cats do have character. Whether we as humans places this onto the feline, I do not know, but they have character.

This is an important comparison to make between humans and cats. Over time, our individualistic personality starts to shine through. Cats are very similar.

However, as we learn the social etiquettes and morals of life, cats have a very different behavioural system: Do what you are told not do yet do not get caught doing it

Why do cats sleep all day? I remember someone telling me that id you needed to be more assertive, follow the example of a cat who 'miaows' at the top of their voice if they want something.

There is a phrase, 'Sleep like a cat', which I find slightly soporific. In fact, I may go and lie down now and wait for my milk and food on a saucer

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